The lion's share of score material for Ember Days was composed by award-winning singer/songwriter, SJ Tucker, also a great and true friend to film-maker Sean-Michael Argo.  Four score and many moons ago, SJ and Sean went to high school together at the Arkansas School of Mathematics, Science, and the Arts, though they lost touch after high school ended. It wasn't until almost 12 years later that they reconnected after Sean spotted SJ on the cover of Witches and Pagans Magazine.

Not only did she play a wayward pixie in our movie, "Sooj", as she is affectionately known by her vast fan base, composed most of the score/soundtrack for the film. This was a first for the accomplished artisan, and now stands as another feather in her cap alongside many other accomplishments.

A limited edition CD, featuring all of SJ's score, plus music from Bekah Kelso and Alexander James Adams, is coming soon. BUT NOW, a digital version of Sooj's score is available here

To learn more about the 11 albums she's released to date, about where she's been and where she's headed, visit the "Queen of Bards" often at

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Alexander James Adams
has been making music since childhood (he learned to read sheet music before he learned to read!) An accomplished singer, songwriter, and musician, Alexander frequently accompanies his vocals with guitar, fiddle, mandolin, and a variety of percussion.

Alec may be singing with his guitar and fiddle at a pub one night, playing rock with Tricky Pixie another, and fiddling at a wedding on a third. He frequently performs at pubs, Renaissance Faires, conventions, and private parties.

Alec is also the appointed heir to Heather Alexander. Heather, who was actually a changeling, was called back to faerieland in November 2006; at the same time, Alexander, the child in whose place she had originally been left and who had been raised in faerieland, was released after beating the faerie queen in a fiddling contest. Thus, Alec now carries on Heather’s musical legacy.

In 2010, he joined the Ember Days tribe, playing the part of the Summer Court's faerie minstrel. In his key scene, the minstrel, in an act of defiance against the Winter Queen, cuts the strings of his bow until only one string is left. The minstrel then plays a cold and beautiful piece called "Ice Storm".  This beautiful song is also featured in other key scenes in Ember Days.

Alec lives with his wife and their dogs, cats, chickens, horses, goats, and other animals on their farm in the Pacific Northwest. 

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"Crossroads, the featured single from Ember Days, was written by Ember Days actress,
Bekah Kelso (Hecate).

Produced by SJ Tucker, Crossroads is stylistically a notable departure for Kelso. The song delivers big depth and dynamics, and comes with far more of a straight up rock sound than any of her prior releases. "It had to be the right fit for the movie. It is unlike anything else I've released, but most people know my style is pretty varied anyway," says Kelso. SJ follows, ""Crossroads" was never a song to be taken lightly. This was our expedition into Evanescence territory. I think we did all right."

The real polish came out in the additional production provided by Bekah's friend and producer,
Damain Rodriguez.  Rodriguez and Kelso have previously collaborated on her EP "Departures" (2011) and are currently working together on the next release, due out in Spring of 2013. 

Check out
Bekah's website, where you can pay whatever you like for a download of Crossroads! 

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