Sean-Michael Argo
- Writer/Director/Producer/Actor (Brand/Shemehazya)

Sean-Michael Argo is an author and independent film producer from the backwood swamps of Arkansas. He writes the kinds of books he likes to read and makes the kinds of movies he likes to watch, so his expanding body of work is a testament to his love of gritty urban fantasy, epic tales of swords & sorcery, horror movies, and the post-apocalyptic wasteland. His films are available on Amazon and presented by Dark Roast Releasing. He spends much of his time with his family and working on various artistic projects, both at home and on the road.

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Bill Schweikert - Director of Photography

Bill Schweikert brings an adept understanding of light and a painterly approach to the art of filmmaking. His versatility in all forms of camera work is an asset to any project, from commercial to feature-length formats. Bill has shot projects throughout the world, and believes that it is a collaborative approach to production that creates successful film. His broad range of experience in moving image media — in broadcast television, commercials, and feature films — has demanded that he be skilled at communicating visual ideas effectively and at solving the very real-world challenges that face any filmmaking effort.

Sherry Kirk - Line Producer/Actor (Rhea)

Sherry Kirk fell into movie producing for the film Ember Days and was instantly in love with the whole film making process. She is a retired US Army Special Operations First Sergeant who used to practice martial arts pretty heavily, jump out of airplanes, and travel to exotic places. These days she's more of an artsy-laid-back-hippie with an attitude who lives in her beloved Pacific Northwest. She adores anything to do with costuming, works on whatever form of visual art catches her attention, and hopes to be involved with more films in the future.


Bekah Kelso - Post-Production Rescue Squad/Actor (Hecate)

Bekah Kelso is a folk-hop gypsy, performing singer/songwriter, actor, writer, filmmaker, girl with creative juju. She played a modern day, gun-slingin' Hecate in the film, and wrote and recorded the single "Crossroads", title track for the film, produced by SJ Tucker. Bekah also took on the difficult task of "audio and video rescue", managing the cumbersome final stages of post production. After shooting Ember Days in 2010, she went on to be a screenwriter, actress, and producer on Arkansas-based, gritty southern micro-budget movie "Sineaters" (2011 - post production).  Bekah and Sean-Michael fell in love while shooting Ember Days, so it will always hold a very special place in her heart. She looks forward to further exploits in film making and is currently recording her next album while raising her new little boy, Kaius, with fabulous baby-daddy Sean-Michael :)