Ember Days could not have been made without the support of a generous community of pagans and artists in the Pacific Northwest. People worked for nothing, or damn near, and kept our sets lively, full of magick and myrth. We are so grateful for the experience that they made happen by giving of their time and talents.

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"This shot, more than any other in my career, feels like a photographic representation of what "making a movie" should look like. It helps that there's a pretty lady and a sword in the woods, but maybe that's just me." - Sean-Michael Argo, writer/director/actor (Brand/Shemehazya)

"The Thurston County Film Commission hooked us up with a fantastic building that was able to serve as the Hall of the Summer Court and the Frozen Throne of Winter... each side of the civil war of fae seperated by a mere wall of insulation and latticework." - Sean-Michael Argo, writer/director/actor (Brand/Shemehazya)


 "This was one of my first days on set and it was apparent that this cast and crew were something special. You could almost call this picture a "before" photo from what happens mere moments after this shot was taken. I won't spoil it so I guess that means you will just have to order a copy of Ember Days and see for yourself!"  - Shane 'Kat-Tas-Trophy' Ralbovsky, Actor (Wild Hunt)/Sherpa


"The only way we were able to make the movie Ember Days with the micro-budget we had was the huge amount of community support we received. In this photo you can see some of the amazing extras who supported us as walk on cast for the Summer Faerie Court. They showed up in their own costumes and patiently and cheerfully waited around for take after take during a long day of filming in downtown Olympia, WA." - Sherry Kirk, Line Producer/Actor (Rhea)

 "During the filming of Ember Days I had the opportunity to meet and work with Fiona Horne. I had previously read about her in "New Witch Magazine" (http://witchesandpagans.com/Table/Magazines/newWitch/Page-3.html) and seen her acting on the reality TV show "Mad mad house." (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mad_Mad_House). Fiona was a dream to work with. She has a kind and caring spirit and her talent and beauty really contributed to the development of the character of the Summer Faerie Queen." - Sherry Kirk, Line Producer/Actor (Rhea)

"This film was a journey that was always meant to be. The night that Kat and I walked through the front door of Sidhehaven, seeing Sean, Bill and Russ painting a kitchen table full of guns, we knew we were finally home. In hindsight, I wish we could have prepared more for these roles, somehow become more practiced as we have in promoting [Ember Days] over the last three years. Regardless, these characters were prepared for us long before we knew it. The feather mohawk that I created (pictured here) is a transformational object that really speaks to the magic we conjured. I am honored to be a part of Ember Days; It's pure art made of love and bullets."  - Tierany Seriflame, Actor (Master of the Hunt)/Additional Makeup/Still Photographer

"The "Satyr Moot", as it was called in the script, was one of the most fun shooting days I had on the movie. We filmed the Satyrs doing their rituals, sharing wine and fire, dancing. My character, Hecate, was supposed to be off in the background taking it all in. Because even though she is in love with one of they Satyrs, she is an Olympian and so keeps her distance. She is among them, but not one of them. 

We were actually drinking a strong homemade brew in this scene. What was it called? Koe knows, she brought it! Anyway, it made all the revelry nice and authentic." -Bekah Kelso, Post-production managment/actress (Hecate)

"We used this location in Olympia for multiple scenes, implying many different locations. It was dingy abandoned hottness! The upstairs of this building was used for "Cronos' Lair", and it was supposed to look like drug usin' squatter digs...  We had to do ZERO set dressing to make it look authentic. Came complete with used needles. Ew! I, along with most of the cast and crew, ended up getting pretty sick while shooting Ember Days and I'm fairly certain this building had something to do with it. Oh the lengths we're willing to go to..." - Bekah Kelso, actress (Hecate)