Azazel - He is one of the Gregori, a choir of angels sometimes known as The Watchers, who in ancient times looked down from the celestial realm and fell in love with women of the earth. They fell from the firmament of heaven and walked the earth in human form. The angels wanted a good life for their wives and their children, so Azazel taught them the arts of medicine, metallurgy, and cosmetics. Soon the children of the angels, known as the Nephilim, grew strong and powerful, and in time, their darker human urges twisted the angelic powers they'd inherited from their fathers. The Nephilim became monsters, literally giants, and an age of chaos spread across the earth. God was angered, and sent the Archangel Michael to slay the Nephilim and cast their fallen fathers into the abyss. Azazel was blamed for igniting the insurrection, and became known as the First of the Fallen, the scapegoat. For thousands of years Azazel has languished in his prison, his voice but a whisper in the winds of the world, until the Olympian god Hermes hears his voice, and conspires with the Winter Queen to aide Azazel in his quest to escape the abyss and resurrect the Nephilim.

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Shemihazya - He is one of the Gregori, and he too fell to earth, took a wife, and sired Nephilim children. Shemihazya is the true first fallen angel, considered by his Gregori brothers to be the first demon to stride the earth. While Azazel taught humans of medicine, planting, and the forge, Shemihazya's lessons were of a darker sort. He taught them of foul sorcery and schooled them in the art of war. The fallen angel sought to show God and the other angels that he too could lay his hand upon creation and make his mark, to prove that he was a creature of free will and not a hollow servant. So concerned was he with the poetic glory of the Nephilim's age of chaos and the expression of his own will upon creation that he voluntarily switched allegiance when the war with heaven began. Shemihazya stood side by side with the Archangel Michael and fought the Gregori, betraying everyone as he helped slay the Nephilim and cast his own brothers into the abyss before joining them himself. What Azazel and the Gregori had built and fought for out of love, Shemihazya instigated and destroyed out of pride and defiance. He possesses the body of a satyr faerie named Brand, so that he may oppose Azazel on earth, and must cover his face in a veil as his demonic spirit corrupts the very flesh he inhabits.
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- She is an Olympian goddess, the sister of Hermes, and daughter of the Titan, Cronos. Hecate has broken with ancient codes of conduct and taken a faerie lover, the satyr named Brand. She is a goddess of thresholds and crossroads, so it is in her nature to stand on the knife's edge between all boundaries, just as fierce a lover as she is a warrior. She fought against the Titans, though while they sit in exile, she still cares for her sires, now broken and discarded. When Shemihazya possesses Brand's body, Hecate is forced to aide the demon in his quest to stop Azazel, and forms a tenuous alliance with the fallen angel so that she can win back Brand's body and soul.


The Winter Queen - She is the monarch of the Dark Fae, and is the personification of the seasons of autumn and winter. Her spirit is restless and her hunger for power is endless, always seeking to rule before her due time. Just as the winter season lingers before it gives way to the spring, so does the Winter Queen struggle violently against the Summer Lady and her Light Fae. Despite this, the truce and balance has precariously remained for many years.  It has been an age since Light Fae and Dark Fae have spilled one another's blood. When the Olympian Hermes approaches her with a proposal to win her the Frozen Throne forever, she is eager to make the pact with Azazel and see her kingdom rise. The Winter Queen cares not for the world of men, and relishes the thought of the Nephilim giants bringing another age of immortals. As the spirit of winter, she glorifies the struggle of life to survive amidst winter's cold, and would see an endless frost fall upon the world so that she may bask in the glory of that struggle.

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- He is a Titan, once a fearsome warrior and skilled blacksmith, the armorer of the Titans and Olympians before the civil war. Hyperion fought to the bitter end, preferring death over exile, though the Olympians gave him mercy, unwanted as it was. He has spent his years living in the shadows of the world, a homeless drunkard who finds respite in the bottle and little else, though he hangs his metal breastplate on the wall of his hovel, a hard reminder of his glorious past.

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- He is the dark father of the Olympians, the greatest and most powerful Titan. He was a fierce and terrible god of the ancient world, who murdered his own father and sought to protect himself from a similiar fate by eating his own children. Rhea feared for the life of her son Zeus, so tricked Cronos into swallowing a stone, and hide the child away. Zeus helped the other Olympians rise to power and led them into battle against Cronos and the Titans. Cronos, like Hyperion, would rather have died on the battlefield, so had hidden himself from the world of humankind. He has become addicted to a variety of drugs, and lives as a homeless drifter in the abandoned places of the world. His only contact with the outside world is the occasional visit from his daughter, Hecate, who while once his enemy in battle, still cares for her once mighty father.

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Hermes - He is an Olympian, one of the Greek gods of old, known as the Messenger, the Harbinger of the Word. Hermes was one of the gods to fight in the war against the Titans, the ancient gods who ruled the earth and sired the Olympians. For many years, he lived among humankind, watching them as they evolved and grew. Through the human's age of bronze, to their age of information, he watched and he listened. In time, he heard the voice of Azazel, whispering from the abyss, and listened to the fallen angel's tale. The Olympians were poets and warriors in equal measure, Hermes the most extreme combination of such aspects, and he was moved by the Gregori's plight. Hermes went before the Winter Queen of Faerie to offer her a bargain: he would bring her the might of Azazel to win her the Throne of Faerie, and in exchange, she would provide an earthly body that Azazel could use to gain power and resurrect the Nephilim. With a body that had been prepared with sorcery and the magic of the Faerie, the fallen angel could defeat the exiled Titans and consume their power, then channel it through his celestial spirit to resurrect the souls of his children and unleash them upon the world once more.


The Summer Lady
- She is the ruler of the Light Fae, and is the personification of the seasons of spring and summer. Ancient and beautiful, she has worked tirelessly to maintain the balance of the seasons, honoring the ancient Faerie Accords that dictate the changing of the seasons as they pass from spring to summer, then summer to autumn and then to the frozen winter. Her bodyguard and champion is the Summer Knight, a warrior chosen from the ranks of her court, who defends the Light Fae. The Summer Lady is the counterpart of her sister, the Winter Queen, and is the wiser of the two. She sees the balance of the seasons, hears the sacred rhytmns of the world, and knows that she, like her sister, has but a part to play in the beautiful dance of creation. Yet even she cannot fathom the destructive ambitions of her sister, and soon the struggle of the seasons transforms into realms at war.


- She is a Titan, one of the ancient gods to be cast down and exiled by the Olympians. She is a strong maternal figure, holding power over Hermes and Hecate even as she is defeated and exiled. Called the Mother of Heaven, she was the wife of Cronos and the mother of the majority of the Olympians. Now she resides on the fringes of the world, living in hiding, her potter's wheel the only comfort in a world no longer her own.

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- He is a Titan, once a god of the sea, though now his mind is as broken as his spirit. He perches upon old stones on the shores of abandoned shipyards, his mind wandering to past adventures and brooding on the defeat of the Titans at the hands of their children.

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The Satyr - They are the children of the forest, a group of Fae who live in the threshold between wilderness and civilization. They embrace the modern world for all its pleasures and adventures, though hold to the ancient ways of the forest and of fire. They pay homage to the Summer Lady, though are not part of her Court, existing as a neutral group in the struggle between Winter and Summer. In ages past they were warriors as much as they were revelers, though in modern times they have had little need to take up arms, so long as the tenuous peace between Winter and Summer endured. When the Winter Queen ignites the civil war, the satyr are divided, some wishing to remain neutral while a small group who choose to stand with the Light Fae come to the aide of their brother Brand.

Azazel and the wild hunt
The Wild Hunt - They are the warriors of the Winter Queen, fearsome Dark Fae who have stood before the Frozen Throne and drunk from the Chalice of the Hunt. When they drink, their spirits are sent into the Sacred Forest, a forest realm of pure spirit, so that they may hunt down the spirit of Brand the satyr, even while their physical bodies remain on earth to do battle with Hecate and Shemihazya.