These are the people who made it happen. They are, one and all, dipped in sauce.
More bio's and pics coming soon!

Azazel - Raw Leiba 
  • Raw Leiba was born in New Jersey to a Brazilian mother and an African American/Native American father. His father was a US Army Veteran and served with the famed Tuskegee Airmen in WWII and his uncle is former NY Giant hall of famer Roosevelt Brown. After an early college and professional career in football and basketball, Leiba gained national attention when he won the the TLC'S reality action show Help Wanted, a spin-off of ABC TV'S The Next Action Hero, where competitors compete in acting and stunt roles. He displayed great athleticism and acting ability and has gone on to perform in as well produce TV and Feature Films working with the likes of Bradley Cooper, Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson, Sandra Bullock,Colin Farrell,Jim Caviezal ,Corbin Bernsen,Noomi Rapace,Idris Elba and Robert DeNiro .
The Winter Queen - Debbie Rochon:
  • Debbie Rochon has appeared in numerous independent films over the years, most known for her turns in Tromeo and Juliet, Terror Firmer, American Nightmare, H.P. Lovecraft's Colour from the Dark, Rudyard Kipling's Mark of the Beast and most recently has been honored with Best Actress Awards for her work in Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell Tale Heart, Slime City Massacre and Exhumed. She was just awarded with the Inaugural Ingrid Pitt Award for Perseverance and Excellence in the Horror Field by Ms. Pitt's estate.
The Summer Lady - Fiona Horne
  • Fiona Horne is known in the USA, UK and Australia as a leading expert on Modern Witchcraft and as an accomplished television/radio host and best selling author. She is also an actor and rock singer. Fiona is the world’s most recognizable author on White Witchcraft. Her titles are published by HarperCollins, Random House, Simon & Schuster and Llewellyn.

Shemihazya - Sean-Michael Argo:
  • Writer/director for the film, Sean-Michael Argo has been in independent film production and distribution for 7 years, working on both his own titles and on many others. His love of epic sword slinging fantasies, horror movies, and the post-apocalyptic wasteland are all evidenced in his work.  He is also a published author with several titles including "As Above, So Below. And Other Unborn Cinema", a collection of film scripts, story pitches, and filmmaker confessionals which have never before seen the light of day. You can browse all his books and movies on Amazon.
Hermes - C. Jason Bolton
  • Fellow Arkansan and long time friend of director Sean-Michael Argo, Jason Bolton made his feature film debut in Ember Days, cast in the role of Hermes, the willing ally to Azazel. Having found a flair for these kinds of theatrics, he later took on a more challenging role in the gritty southern micro-budget movie, "Sineaters" (post-production), playing the crazed cult leader, Brother Aaron. He has since gone on to work on additional productions in Arkansas, both on and off camera.
Hecate - Bekah Kelso
  • Bekah Kelso, an accomplished "folk-hop gypsy singer/songwriter", also made her feature film debut in Ember Days, playing the role of a modern-day, gun slinging Hecate. She went on to handle the end-stages of post-production for the film, as well.  In 2011, she was a screenwriter, producer, and actor in the gritty southern micro-budget film Sineaters (post-production). She hangs her hat in Texas where she just gave birth to her beautiful baby boy, Kaius. She is currently working on Sineaters post-production, alongside director/baby-daddy Sean-Michael. She is also poised to release her next album in the summer of 2013.


Satyr - Koe Sozuteki
Satyr - Sam Wilkins

Wild Hunt - Tierany Seriflame
Wild Hunt - Shane 'Kat-Tas-Trophy' Ralbovsky

Rhea - Sherry Kirk
Oceanus - Bob Bozek
Cronos - Eric Pope
Hyperion - Russel McConnell



Alexander James Adams ... The Minstrel
Aaron Parker ... The Summer Knight
Colleen Francis ... Summer Court
Ted Harris ... Summer Court
Becki Harris ... Summer Court
Leannan Sidhe ... Summer Court
Richard Gilmore ... Summer Court
Wo'osi Wildwood ... Summer Court
Arren Parker ... Summer Court
Lauren Schulz ... Summer Court
Marybeth O'Leary ... Summer Court
Becki Harris ... Summer Court
Alexis Nast ... Summer Court
Phil Brucato ... Satyr
Jon Sewell ... Satyr
Kat T - Satyr
SJ Tucker ... Green Pixie
Kevin Wiley ... Orange Pixie


Dennis Darnell ... Wild Hunt
Synder Stonecastle ... Wild Hunt
Dan 'Khan' Treichel ... Wild Hunt
Bri Orsborn ... Wild Hunt
Shadow Wolf Wood ... Wild Hunt
Roger Johnson ... Wild Hunt
Jennifer Page ... Wild Hunt
Inky ... Wild Hunt


Sherry Kirk - Line Producer
Sean-Michael Argo - Co-Producer
William Schweikert - Co-Producer
Ian Argo - Executive Producer

Sean-Michael Argo - Director/Writer
William Schweikert - Cinematographer
Leo Smith - Editor

Angela Sue Smith - Costume Designer
Dan 'Khan' Treichel - Leatherwork (Wild Hunt)
Bri Wood - Additional Costuming (Wild Hunt)
Shadow Wolf Wood - Additional Costuming (Wild Hunt)
Gabrial Wilson - Armor Fabrication (Wild Hunt)
Sean-Michael Argo - Production Designer
Clare Layendecker - Makeup Supervisor
Tierany Seriflame - Additional Makeup (Wild Hunt)
Dave Alverson - Snake wrangler 

Jeff Couch - Boom Operator
Roger Johnson - Boom Operator
Bob Smith - Key Grip
Koe Sozuteki - Griptroll
Shane 'Kat-Tas-Trophy' Ralbovsky - Sherpa
Jason Bolton - Key Production Assistant
Russel McConnell - Catering

Les Galusha - VFX Supervisor
Raw Leiba - Stunt Coordinator
Sandra Miller - Still Photographer
Aaron Parker - Still Photographer
Tierany Seriflame - Still Photographer

Justin Clark - Sound Designer

Original Score by SJ Tucker
"Crossroads" original music by Bekah Kelso (featuring Ginger Doss and SJ Tucker)
"Ice Storm" written & performed by Alexander James Adams, SeaFire Productions OR, USA
Additional Music by Justin Clark


William Schweikert - Cinematographer
Bekah Kelso - Production Manager
Anastasia - Wardrobe
Clayton Hendrix - Boom Operator
Jefferson Hayhurst - Gaffer/Key Grip
Margaret Eckhart - Makeup
Peter Nwokoro - Production Assistant
Mary Argo - Production Caretaker
Bekah Kelso - Additional Writing Support

Michael Cade
Tori Cookson
Sandra Miller
Heather James
Grandmother Spider