Thank you for supporting this flawed and awesome effort by independent artists,
  out there on the raggety edge
Ember Days - DVD
  • Ember Days - DVD
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Get your copy of the micro budget, pagan tastic B-movie of your dreams! 

Please Read The Ember Days orders & shipping team is a teeny tiny mom & pop operation. Literally. We are chasing toddlers and babies most of the time around here :) For this reason, new dvd orders are checked and shipped only one time each month, so please be patient. If it has been more than 30 days since you ordered and you still have not received shipment, feel free to email Bekah at texashex (at) gmail (dot) com and politely let her know you are still waiting on your goods.

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Hello to all the freaks and geeks, lovers of myths, magick, and micro-filmmaking!

We wanted to take a moment to say thank you for buying this movie directly from us and supporting our efforts as micro-budget filmmakers.

By the way, have you ever seen a micro-budget movie? What does micro-budget even mean? By industry standards, a micro-budget film is anything made for less than $250,000. We made Ember Days, from pre-production, to the shoot itself, all the way through post-production to completion, for less than $35,000. (Read: the toilet paper budget of Hollywood)

Unless you are a hard core cinophile, you’ve likely never seen a movie made for less than $3-5 million. (Budgets which are considered hardcore indie.) For this reason, you’ve likely never seen a production like this on screen. Our tiny budget meant things like: with a few exceptions, our actors (and crew) were comprised simply of enthusiastic locals from the Pagan, artisan, and Medieval Reenactment communities in the Pacific Northwest. Our costumes were assembled out of what we, as a group, had on hand. Our locations were ones that could be afforded with little to no money. And so on, throughout the shoot and post-production. Pretty neat, huh?

A different group might have cried uncle at the thought of trying to put this together with such a small pot of resources, but our captain, Sean-Michael Argo, has said, for the record, “I would have attempted to make this movie with three dollars and a cell phone camera if that’s all I had access to. It was a story I needed to tell at that time.” And we support him in this totally bananas approach, cause that’s what being an artistan storyteller is all about. Trying out-of-the-box things and being unafraid to fail.

And so, we hope that you can celebrate our story and efforts, despite the film’s micro-budget flaws. We invite you to celebrate the low budget, celebrate the members of your community who participated, and celebrate the cheesy melodrama. Above all: Have fun with this! Watch it with fellow geeks!

You are now ready to enjoy the

We learned a tremendous amount in the making of Ember Days and look forward to continuing our journey in experimental film, knowing each project will be better than the last. We hope you’ll continue to cheer us on. We have countless stories in our hearts and minds, little seeds planted in dreams, and you are the reason we have a chance to grow them and tell them.

Thank you for your support, and for being among the heroes.

Here’s to lives filled with magick, wonder, and work that you love,

The Ember Days Team

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